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Dentist Westgate


We Have a Dentist Near Westgate Providing Comprehensive Treatments


The dental team of Asmile provides a comprehensive range of preventive and general treatments as well as cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, implants, dentures, and cosmetic treatments. Health and safety are crucial to us, so we follow stringent steps by cleaning and preparing our treatment rooms before each patient and cleaning the entire office at the end of the day to ensure the whole surgery is sterile. Our dentists have many years of dental experience and regularly attend workshops and courses to remain updated on the latest technology and procedures. We have a dentist near Westgate who will help you maintain a healthy set of teeth and have a beautiful smile.


What You Can Expect From Asmile Regarding Dental Care in West Auckland


If you are in Westgate looking for a dentist nearby, we are conveniently located in the Westgate Shopping Centre in Massey. Our dentists are passionate about dental hygiene and giving everyone the opportunity for a beautiful smile. Regular dental check-ups with our dentist near West Harbour help to prevent painful and severe dental problems from developing.


  • During a check-up, our dentists will visually check the condition of your teeth and examine your gums for disease and any other impending problems that are important to your health.

  • We take digital x-rays to assist with diagnosing problems below the gum’s surface and around the foundations of the teeth. When necessary, we also take panoramic x-rays, which provide a picture of all your teeth and related bones.

  • Should tartar or calculus, a build-up of calcium deposits, be found around the teeth, our dentist will recommend an appointment with our dental hygienist. Our hygienist will clean, scale, and polish your teeth using ultrasonic equipment and hand scale instruments to remove hard tartar and calculus. The devices used can reach places that your toothbrush cannot. Scaling will remove stains from teeth and help prevent gum disease.


Problems Asmile Addresses


Tooth decay, gum disease, and accidental damage to teeth are problems that our dentists treat to make eating easy and pain-free and maintain your health. Gum disease affects your general health, but by regularly checking your gums, we can provide periodontal treatment and guide you on how to care for your gums to prevent diseases.


  • When dealing with tooth decay, our treatments include fillings, in-chair extractions, and root canal treatment.

  • Our dentists have trained to undertake oral surgery, including surgical tooth extractions of wisdom teeth or teeth that are not easy to remove without surgery, implants, and laser treatments.

  • We can improve your smile through our cosmetic dentistry by replacing extracted teeth with implants, bridges, partial or complete dentures, or veneers. Veneers are thin tooth-shaped shells of tooth-coloured material glued to the front surface of a stained, damaged, or worn tooth and then shaped to match the other teeth.


About the Professionals at Asmile


If you are in West Harbour, we have a dentist in the near vicinity to help you with any dental issues. Dr. Natalia Dmitrieva, who has over 20 years of dentistry experience, leads our team. She focuses on general dentistry, endodontics, restorative- and cosmetic dentistry. She is also registered to provide cosmetic anti-wrinkle treatments, Derma Fillers, , Mesotherapy.  ur four other dentists support her, and a dental technician, hygienist, four dental assistants, and our office manager complete the support structure for your family.


Contact us when you are looking for a dentist in West Auckland. Our team will help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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