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Sedation Dentistry


Fear of Dentists: Visit Asmile for Sedation Dentistry


What is sedation dentistry? While it is strictly speaking not necessary to be under sedation during most dental procedures, a surprising number of people rather live with bad or aching teeth because of a paralysing fear of dentists, or more specifically, of dental work done on them. People cite several reasons for this fear, among which pain and discomfort are most prominent.


We offer professional dental IV sedation to patients who prefer to feel no pain or discomfort during their dental procedures. Once sedated, you will be partially asleep and completely unaware of the procedure being performed on your teeth, thereby sparing you any pain or discomfort.


IV Sedation Information:

  • You will feel very drowsy and may drift off, but IV sedation doesn't put you into a deep sleep as general anaesthesia does.

  • Moderate or deep sedation may slow your breathing, and in some cases, you may be given oxygen.

  • Analgesia may also contribute to drowsiness. But even with deep sedation, you won't be unconscious, as you would be with general anaesthesia.

  • Overall, the perception of time changes and the patient feels as if 2 hours lasted 15 minutes.

  • Also with time, you will very vaguely remember the details. One may remember details initially, but the more time goes by, the less details you will remember.


Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Auckland


Sedation dentistry, also known as sleep dentistry, makes use of a combination of sedation and anaesthetic drugs to keep you comfortable [ND1] and free of any pain during dental procedures. It encourages people who would normally avoid the dentist at all costs to consent to receiving the dental treatments they need.


  • In addition to allowing people who are afraid of the dentist to go for dental procedures they desperately need, one of the side effects of sedation dentistry is anterograde amnesia. Most phobias stem from a traumatic experience in the past. Because the brain can’t create new memories, the phobia does not worsen, and in some cases, actually begins to diminish, even if just a little.

  • One of the main issues that dentists struggle with is the human gag reflex. Sedation dentistry paralyses the gag reflex, reducing the risk of injury due to the spasm brought on by the gag reflex. This allows for safer, more efficient dentistry work without distractions.

  • No one likes pain. One of the main reasons people avoid the dentist is the perceived pain associated with dental procedures. In many cases, people will try to endure the pain associated with their condition rather than visit a dentist. Dental sedation eliminates the patient’s ability to register pain, thus removing their main reason not to visit the dentist.


What You Can Expect from Asmile Regarding Pain-Free Dentistry


Sedation therapy is fast becoming the preferred method for both patients and dentists. No one enjoys going to the dentist, and dental sedation, also referred to as conscious sedation, removes most of the negative stigma around dental procedures. It allows patients to be completely relaxed, to feel no pain or discomfort, and have no memory of the procedure whatsoever. It also allows dentists to work more efficiently, as patients under sedation do not squirm or gag, which increases the possibility of injury during a procedure.


  • Our dentists are fully qualified and highly experienced in all aspects of dental sedation to ensure the safe and efficient accomplishment of your dental procedure. You will feel no pain and have no recollection of the procedure.

  • We employ state-of-the-art monitoring and safety equipment to ensure your safety during the time that you are under sedation. Your dentist will remain at your side throughout the entire procedure to ensure that everything goes as planned.

  • We offer excellent aftercare. Once you emerge from sedation, we will ensure that you are comfortable and safe while the last effects of sedation wear off.


About Asmile


We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality professional dental services to our patients throughout West Auckland.


Contact us today for more information.

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