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Meet the team

Over 35 years of experience in dentistry.

 Westgate Dental Centre in Auckland is a practice that offers a full-range of dental services. We pride ourselves on our quality of service and experienced dental team. Dentistry is evolving rapidly. We remain updated by investing in new technologies and continuing education, so that you can have faster, safer and better dental visits.

Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

Principal Dentist

Natalia is a principal dentist at Westgate Dental Centre Auckland.
She has over 35 years of experience in
dentistry. Constantly upgrading her skills and staying up to date with modern practices and
technologies, Natalia enjoys her work and calls dentistry her passion.  She is well known to be the best at determining the most suitable care for each person, providing the most pleasant experience possible and alleviating any fears one may have about dentistry.
Natalia specialises in general dentistry with a particular interest in preventive, restorative and
cosmetic dentistry, crowns, bridges veneers, implant crowns where the focus is You. She also
successfully performs Clear aligner orthodontic treatment (SureSmile) so that you can enjoy a
perfect and lively smile.
Natalia believes a smile does not end with just the beautiful teeth -  its a combination of  everything including the lips, the skin and a happy sparkle in you eyes.

Natalia is registered to provide you with cosmetic anti-wrinkle treatments such as Dysport® and Xeomin®, Derma Fillers, Mesotherapy , Microneedling,
Skin Bio- remodelling (Prohfilo).

Omael copy.jpg

Dr Omaël Kamal Saadi


Graduate from the University of Otago NZ, Omaël is a passionate dental surgeon with a genuine interest in providing holistic care for his patients.

His best wish is to fulfil his role as a professional care provider by treating and improving the dental health of his Auckland community.

Omaël made the ongoing commitment of learning and practicing the latest advancement in the field of dentistry as he understands that all patients deserve the best up to date treatment.

Growing up in Canada and coming from a multiethnic background being half Moroccan and half Seychellois, Omaël had the possibility of strengthening more than one language along with learning and appreciating cultural differences.

From a young age until now, He always had a particular admiration for artwork, whether it be dentistry related or someone else’s craft such as a painting, film or music.

He also has a passion for fitness and dancing. He firmly believes that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind!

Rusin copy.jpg

Dr Rusin Zhao


Rusin received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Otago and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Auckland.

Rusin grew up and has lived his entire life (aside from Dunedin) in West Auckland. He is thrilled to be able to return to serve patients in this area. With a background in research, he is committed to keeping up to date with the latest advances in dentistry and providing the most up-to-date dental treatment for his patients.

He is a gentle clinician, listens carefully to his patient’s concerns and keeps them involved in the treatment planning phase to develop the best solution suited for each individual. He aims to build long-term, trusting relationships with each and every one of his patients.

Rusin practices all aspects of dentistry, with special interests in crowns & bridges and cosmetic dentistry. He is fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Outside of work, Rusin enjoys spending time with his two ragdoll cats, travelling around the country and searching for the best food places in town.



Veronica Koesmanto

Practice Mananger

Veronica is the office man­ager with strong background in dentistry. She has been working in the dental industry for more than 15 years.  

She is in charge of every­thing in the surgery. She meets and greets all patients and vis­i­tors to the surgery.


Her role is to pro­vide an energetic and stress free ser­vice to our patients, keep­ing the office run­ning smoothly so that you don’t wait too long before you get the treat­ment you require.


Sudha Kumari Lal

Dental Hygienist

Sudha is a member of NZDHA with over 30 years of experience.

She has been practicing in New Zealand since 2001. She had practised in the periodontist clinic for 7 years before joining Westgate Dental Centre.

Her focus is to promote periodontal health for our patients. She is also passionate in oral health education.

Sudha provides gentle periodontal treatment and she will make sure your dental hygiene visit is comfortable and educational.

Jin copy.jpg

Jin Yoo

Dental Technician

Jin is our newest member to the team at Westgate Dental. He takes pride in
his work and will not accept anything less of excellence. So be assured you
are in the best of hands when it comes to dentures.
His family migrated to New Zealand in 1992 from South Korea and he has lived most of his life and is a proud Aucklander. Starting school from
kindergarten in Bayview, Glenfield through to Otago University, Dunedin Jin is
pretty much a natural born Kiwi.
After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in 2012 he worked for several dental
laboratories around the north island and there he gained recognition for his
eye for finesse and exceptional work amongst dentists. 
Jin relocated to Auckland in 2017 to spend more time with his family and do
what he enjoys most – playing tennis. He plays seasonal interclub and
occasionally takes up the offer for sponsorship to represent New Zealand to
compete in Korea.

Johna copy.jpg

Johna Collins

Dental Assistant

Johna has been living in New Zealand since 2012. She completed a make-up artist
certificate in 2016. She enjoys diversity and decided to give dentistry a try.
She is in charge of dental instruments sterilization and prepares the work area for
patient treatment by setting out instruments and materials to make sure that your
dental treatment is as comfortable as possible. She is motivated, has a great sense
of humour and always giving her best to our team.
She enjoys having family time at the beach during her time off.


Lada Pestova.jpg

Lada Pestova

Dental Assistant

Lada began her journey in dentistry from assisting our principal dentist Dr Natalia Dmitrieva.
Since then, she has proved to be delivering competent and safe assistance to dentist during dental treatment.
She is responsible in all areas related to cross infections, instruments sterilisation and surgery cleanliness .

Lada is gentle and caring and understand that many patients feel stress and experiencing tension  when they come to their appointment and therefore Lada will apply all her professional qualities so that you remain calm and feel comfortable.

In her spare time Lada enjoys spending quality time with friends travelling and discovering new places immersing in the outdoors.


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