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Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva
Dental Hygienist Visited:
Sudha Kumari Lal

I have been a client of Asmile for a 2 years till I had to move very far. I'm very very satisfied with a service. Natalia Dmitrieva is a big profesional who did a great job not only to me, also to my friend with a very difficult case. I surprised I NEVER ever felt a pain in this place. I also have a good experience with a Sudha Kumari Lal (Dental Hygienist), she looks for every detail, and I became really adict to her service. Also she did a big difference in apperance of teeth of my friend though. The place is very clean and you can feel the harmony in everything. I trully reccoment this place, in which you will feel very confident, and comfortable.


4 Nov 2016

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

I was so lucky to have Natalia as my dentist. The work she has done on my teeth has changed my life. I can smile and show beautiful teeth. She is such a beautiful person who puts you at ease. I am the biggest coward going to the dentist. Thank you Natalia.

Carole Allan

7 June 2015

Dentist Visited: Dr Beverley Tam

This was my second visit to see Beverley the first time being a year ago. I was very apprehensive about the visit due to childhood nightmares about the dentist in the 1950's, 60's etc. the dentist was terrifying back then. Beverley was so lovely and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I wasn't even nervous this time around which is a first for me. I have found some dentists to be a bit intimidating but I didn't feel this with Beverley at all. I'm going again in a years time.

Marilyn Taylor

10 December 2015

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

A wonderfully unique experience that I would describe as mastering the art of dentistry, customer service, and quelling the anxiety of their patients.So glad I found Natalia as so professional dentist and a wonderful person.I'm extremely pleased with the results, and will be recommending Asmile to everyone.


16 March 2015

Dentist Visited: Dr Beverley Tam
After a long wait i stepped up and decide that it was time for the extreme makeover. I haven't had much experience with going forward and visiting a dentist, luckily i was in good hands. Dr Beverley Tam saved my tooth (which wasn't in the best condition) but was fixable. She and her assistant did an amazing job of reviving it, in comparison to what it did look like made me smile. Thank you Dr Tam


10 December 2014

Dentist Visited: Dr Beverley Tam
I came to the clinic with my 6yr old son who was having a lot of pain with one of his baby teeth. He ended up having to have it removed but Dr Tam was very helpful, reassuring & understanding making the whole experience for both my son and I as positive as it could be. I definitely recommend Dr Tam

Ruth Waller

24 October 2014

Dentist Visited:  Dr Harvey Shorter

Harvey did an excellent job, he listened to my request and then repaired my tooth exactly as requested to the highest standard possible.


7 August 2014

Dentist Visited: Dr Beverley Tam
Had my 2 front teeth broken,was absolutely thrilled with the result ,Ive been too alot of dentists I highly recomend Dr Tam.


Suzanne Bell

21 November 2013

Dentist Visited: Dr Beverley Tam
After my return from a lengthy stay in Europe I was looking for a good dentist in West Auckland, which I now have found in Dr Beverley Tam (and her assistants). Beverley is a very focused, meticulous, and competent dentist, who works in the best interest of her patients. It is my hope that she will be practising for many years to come, since I really do not like switching dentists. ;-)

Holger Jahn

21 November 2013

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

After some very bad childhood experiences, I have always been terrified of the dentist and hadn't been to one in many many years. then a friend recommended Natalia and I finally made the appointment for a check-up. I didn't regret it! Although I probably was a horrible patient, jumpy and rattled by panic attacks, Natalia never made me feel like I was a being unreasonable (as other dentists have done). On the contrary, from the start, she made me feel safe and understood, and did her utmost to make my experience as positive as possible. She was so gentle that I hardly felt the injection at all, and worked so quickly and efficiently that everything was over before I knew it. All the way through, Natalia's kindness and caring manner was very re-assuring. finally, she gave me some valuable tips on how to look after my teeth in the future. I am very happy that I have finally found a dentist I can trust and will be back in a year's time. Thank you Natalia!

Romy Hume

13 November 2013

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

Very professional Dental Centre who take care and really look after their patients. Always love coming back. Prices are very reasonable compared to other places. Definitely recommended!

Lidia M

15 June 2013

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

Many thanks for looking after me and my wife. Great high quality service, very nice assistant Angelina Rakich. Thank you all!


9 July 2012

Dentist Visited: Dr Plesis Van Der Merwe

I had a major fear of going to the doctor and hadn't been for along time! I was so impressed by his gentleness. He took time to explain and let me have time to process. There was no judgement only encouragement.

Jennifer Reed

27 June 2012

Dentist Visited: Dr Beverley Tam

Would recommend Dr Beverly Tam - explained what was happening, friendly and professional. Been years since I last saw a dentist and felt totally at ease after the first few minutes.


21 May 2012

Dentist Visited: Dr Beverley Tam

I have seen Beverley several times and continue to be impressed with her professional and caring manner. She truly makes going to the dentist easier. I would highly recommend Dr Beverley Tam to anyone requiring dental treatment.


23 May 2012

Dentist Visited: Dr Beverley Tam

I have a fear of the dentists, from my childhood and require sedation for any treatments. Since I have started going to see Dr Beverley Tam, I am slowly having less need to be sedated during treatment. I am very happy not only with the service, but also her professionalism and manner. She will stop and show/explain when required and has the needs of her patient foremost. I would recommend her to anyone like myself who has had fear of dental treatment.

Maureen Mayo

23 April 2012

Dentist Visited: Dr Plesis Van Der Merwe

Dr Plessis is the BEST EVER. I saw him for cosmetic surgery in the UK and was impressed by his knowledge and excellence. He is GEnius and I am so grateful I found him in Auckland. If you want an Artist working on your teeth for a cosmetic makeover, he is the one to see. Totally Pro. Thanks Doc. My kids are always eager to see him too.


23 January 2012

Dentist Visited: Dr Beverley Tam

I recommend Dr Tam highly as your family dentist. My daughter, son and myself have all been happy with the dental work we recieved from Beverly and her assistants. My husband is next to become a very happy client of this dental practice. :)

R McLeod

16 December 2011

Dentist Visited: Dr Beverley Tam

I have a phobia of visits to the dentist, so much so I went to great pains to find a dentist I liked and who comforted me as much as possible. Unfortunately that was an expensive exercise and with life being so expensive I had put off going to the dentist until recently I could put it off no more. I visited Westgate Dental and Dr Tam was quick, courteous and her level of experience and professional was nothing short of the best dental experience I've ever had! Highly recommended!


6 September 2011

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

I highly recommend Dr Natalia with no hesitation - very professional, very caring. You will have the options, you can count on helpful treatment not just service. Overall very good experience in the last 2 years for me and my partner (unlike anywhere else before).


24 August 2011

Dentist Visited: Dr Plesis Van Der Merwe

I used to be very nervous and anxious about going to the dentist. Plessis has changed all that. I don't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to hear it! Thank you so much!



3 August 2011

Dentist Visited: Dr Beverley Tam

Beverley is an amazing dentist, I highly recommend Beverley and the Westgate Dental Center, Beverley is exceptionally good at what she does, was worried that the teeth might look fake, they are perfect in colour and I am more than happy with the results. 150% Happy !!!

Debi Harris

26 July 2011

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

Natalia is an outstanding good dentist. Where other dentists wanted to give me a $500+ crown Natalia discussed other options of saving the tooth, which not also helped to preserve my tooth but also saved me money. Three months on, I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend Natalia and the Westgate Dental Center. Also the very professional team around Natalia and the office manager Tiffany who arranged my appointment flexible and reliable are doing a great job to feel 100% cared.


Dirk Oberste-Bergaus

15 May 2011

Dentist Visited: Dr Plesis Van Der Merwe

What an awesome man. So experienced and gave the best advise. I had a root canal treatment previou Oh my word, what an Awesome dentist. Fir the first time Dr plessis gave me all the information on what to do and showed me how an implant will be the best option.I am so pressed. I would recommenef this neat intelligent Dentist wherever I go. I will move to Australia soon but will keep returning for to this professional great Surgeon. Wow, Dr can you not move to Auzie:) 

No Name

13 April 2011

Dentist Visited: Dr Plesis Van Der Merwe

There are not enough words to express the thoughts of my experience today. I've been scared of the dentist for 4 years, my last experience was not pleasent, needless to say I've not been back in 4 years. I thought enough was enough, I must go and get checked out. I was pretty sure I had two cavities, and I ended up being quite correct. I met Dr Plessis van der Merwe, and oh my, what a refreshing change. I felt wlecomed, I felt straight away that I would not be judged for not visiting a dentist in years. Throughout the entire visit, I was chatted to, informed and treated very gently (I'm very scared of feeling any pain, so was even offered the numbing gel before the injection) I can't say enough positive comments for Dr Plessis van der Merwe. I highly HIGHLY recommend him and his practice. I'm going back in a month to have the other cavity taken care of, and then I'll go back again for a good clean and polish. GO TO WESTGATE DENTAL CENTRE. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT FRIENDLY STAFF, GOOD SURROUNDINGS, NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF :-)


2 March 2011

Dentist Visited: Dr Plesis Van Der Merwe

To all you people who are afraid of dentists, dont be any longer. From the moment you step in the door and meet the lovely Tiffany with her amazing personality until you leave the chair you will be amazed. This guy is good. I hate dentists with a passion ( hangover from the old days i guess) This guy is so good you wont even feel the injections let alone drilling or anything. Even the numbness in the mouth is kept to an absolute minimum.I havent been to a dentist in years unless absolutely necessary and yet i have been three times in the past six weeks to this guy and have all but caught up on those years of neglect. I have more to go but certainly dont walk into the office with a knot of angst in my stomach as i used to. Thank you Tiffany, Dr Van Der Merwe, the nurse ( sorry dont know her name but she is lovely as well) and the whole staff at Westgate Dental. I am now not afraid of Dentists


Warwick Maxwell

24 February 2011

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

Terrified of dentists!!!!!!!!!!! Was pleasantly surprised. Natalia is very professional and not to mention gentle. Most grateful.



22 February 2011

Dentist Visited: Dr Plesis Van Der Merwe

I visited Dr. Plessis van der Merwe yesterday for the first time and I found him to be very calming and re-assuring after rushing to my appointment and arriving late.  He was able to quickly ascertain and solve my problem.  He even told me why I had been experiencing pain periodically when I had visited another dentist and they had not been able to diagnose what was happening - what a relief.  I was a casual patient but will be returning to Westgate as a regular patient.  Thank you.


Trish Goldstone

12 November 2010

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

I used to be scared of the den­tist and now i believe i am not.This is because she was so gen­tle and made me feel at ease.I will come back again. I enjoyed my teeth being cleaned. :)

Jas­min Cairns

21 Sepember 2011

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

I really enjoyed that time when you cleaned my teeth and fixed them. Also I m happy to meet with den­tists like you.Many thanks for ser­vices

V.V Pikhtin

20 March 2010

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

It has taken me about 60 years to find a very good place to fix my teeth, and this is it, thanks for that. I don’t feel like it’s a butcher shop!

Mike Moson

(so up to date)

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

Amazing service and a very good and experiences dentist.Thank you Dr. Natalia for fixing my teeth

Aron Smith

10 November 2009

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

Dr Natalia wow! That was absolutely fan­tas­tic! Next time I will come only to you.

George N

1 September 2009

Dentist Visited: Dr Natalia Dmitrieva

To Natalia with grat­i­tude:For the best jobs on your teeth, you have to use Natalia’s exper­tise.She is the best doc­tor Den­tist in all Auck­land and only she is the kind­est, the most beau­ti­ful per­son and the most care­ful doc­tor I’ve ever seen.Thank you Natalia!With all my very best wishes and Andriana’s too.Costy


1 July 2009

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