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Our Services


Our services cover the complete range of preventive and general treatments as well as orthodontics, implants, dentures, oral surgery and cosmetic treatments.

Preventive & Diagnostic

Dental Check up >

Dig­i­tal X-ray >

(shows your scan instantly)

Dental Clean and Pol­ish >

(done by hygiene department)

Dys­port® Mas­seter >

(Reduces teeth grinding)

Preventive treatments

Teeth Sen­si­tiv­ity reduc­tion treatment

General Dentistry


Fill­ings/White fillings >

Extrac­tion >

Root Canal Treatment >

Implants >
(restorative part)

Den­tures >

Peri­odon­tal treat­ment >
(gum treatment)

Cosmetic Dentistry


Teeth whitening >

Veneers >

Crowns >

Bridges >

Dentures >


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