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Tooth Jewellery from your Auckland Dentist

Dentists of today are finding that more and more people who consult them are no longer really patients. They are individuals who desire perfectly aligned, sparkling white teeth, and who may even ask for tooth jewellery. These cosmetic procedures have to be accomplished by professionals with professional products.

Westgate Dental Centre uses genuine Swarovski crystals as tooth jewels.

How is a tooth jewels attached?
For a durable bonding tooth jewels are attached with a dental composite glue by your dentist. The bonding procedure is similar to bonding an orthodontic bracket, which leaves the tooth intact and allows an easy removal. The adhesive is applied by the dental professional to the tooth, the gem set in place and light cured for 60 seconds to harden the composite.
You may feel the jewellery during the first few days of attachment. However, you will quickly get used to the presence of the gem. They are small and flat, designed to be barley felt.

Will the jewel harm the tooth?
No. The jewel is bonded to the surface of the enamel like an orthodontic bracket. No drilling or permanent change.

How do I remove a jewel?
Removal should be performed by a dental professional. Removal is done by the dentist in the same manner braces are removed – the gem is polished off and will leave no visible mark on the tooth.

Will Tooth Jewellery impede dental hygiene?
No, the presence of the jewel will encourage brushing, since it brings more attention to the smile. You will also chew and have your teeth professionally cleaned as usual. The area underneath the jewel is sealed and will not be open for any bacteria..

How long can the jewellery stay on the tooth?
Tooth Jewellery if attached and cared properly will stay on until you decide to have it removed. They leave no mark on the tooth. Nice and easy, let it sparkle as long as you like then just ask your dentist to remove or keep it and enhance your smile for many years.


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