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Price list

After all, we are all unique individuals with our own needs and goals, hence below prices are indication only and can change without notice. 
After a thorough check up a treatment plan, including all the options, will be prepared individually for you.


Finance Options are available. Please contact us to find out more.

or call us to make an appointment

09 832 2998

Opening Hours

Mon - Sat           9am - 5pm

Check Up 

Basic examination | including 2 X-Rays                                                    $95.00

If additional X-rays are required it may incur extra charges 

Scale & Polish (Teeth Clean)

Regular 6 month follow up                                                            from $150.00

Scale & Polish (Gum Treatment)

Depending on your condition                                                        from $195.00

Fillings (white)

Depending on the size and area                                                           $260.00 - $370.00

Root Canal

1 canal tooth | excluding filling on the top                                            $950.00

Root Canal

2 canals tooth | excluding filling on the top                                          $1150.00

Root Canal

3 canals tooth | excluding filling on the top                                        $1350.00


straight forward tooth extraction                                                            from $250.00

Surgical tooth extraction

Based on time and complication of procedure                                    $350.00 - $700.00


Dental bridge | cost per unit                                                                from $1300.00

Veneers / Crown

Dental Veneers and Cosmetic Crowns |
depending on materials                                                                      from $1400.00

Teeth Whitening

Take Home Whitening White Dental Beauty
w/ NOVON Technology Kit                                                                   $350.00

Anti-wrinkle treatment Dysport®

Price per area (Frown/Forehead/Crows Feet)                                      $350.00

PROFHILO® Treatment 
1 syringe (face or neck or decollate)                                     $700.00 

We recommend: 2 or 3 sessions for
mature (aged) skin with 4 weeks interval 

Special Offer: 

  • buy 2 sessions get the Profhilo cream
    for free (normal price $90.00)

  • buy 3 sessions get $200.00 off
    plus free cream (normal price $90.00)

Initial Orthodontic consultation

to assess which orthodontic treatment
is right for you                                                                                     FREE

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