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Massey Dental Clinic


Visit Our Massey Dental Clinic for Memorable Care


When you visit the dentist, knowing that the team you’ve chosen has 25 years of experience working with patients and improving their services is a source of comfort. That’s why patients choose our Massey dental clinic. For many patients, visiting a dentist is not one of the most comforting experiences in life, but we want to give you a reason to no longer fear your visits.


What You Can Expect from Us Regarding a Dentist in Massey


We are not your average dental practice. In addition to offering standard dental procedures, we provide you with services that you might not expect for a more holistic approach to each visit. Have a look at what we can offer you:


  • At some point in your teen or adult life, you may need your wisdom teeth removed. We can perform this surgery in the theatre and offer surgical extractions or implant crowns as well if there are multiple implants to perform at once. We can save you the discomfort of making multiple visits to the chair.

  • Alignment and advice. If you have noticed that your teeth are misaligned or you do not have enough space in your mouth for all your teeth, ask us about recommendations for alignment.

  • Cosmetics. We provide cosmetic dentistry, including bridges, crowns, veneers, and teeth whitening. You might be surprised to find additional cosmetic services at our practice: we offer cold sore, anti-wrinkle, and Botox alternative treatments.


To give you dependable and complete service, we add diverse options that go beyond what you might expect from a dentist in Massey. We can offer you more services in one place and on one day, without the stress of finding a reliable place for other treatments.


Tips Before Visiting a Massey Dentist


You know better than anyone else the condition of your mouth before you visit a dentist. You may have sensitivity or sharp pain when biting, which could mean that you require a filling or root canal. If your teeth are loose, you have missing teeth, or your teeth are in need of advanced care, you can prepare yourself for a few procedures that may be relevant to you:


  • Digital X-ray. We usually take X-rays if you are a new patient to see previous work on your teeth and to better understand their current condition. You will also require X-rays if you had a fall and lost a tooth or if you need implants.

  • If you have missing teeth, you may require implants. We will insert an anchor into your jaw to fasten the tooth to, and we can add a bridge to fill the gaps between two anchors.

  • Periodontal treatment. Depending on the state of your mouth, you might need restorative gum treatment. Your gums may be receding, infected, or unhealthy, resulting in loose teeth or a bad smell. It is best to start taking care of your gums when you first notice bleeding or sensitivity before the problem worsens.


We want you to trust our Massey dentist and have the confidence to come in whenever you experience pain or discomfort. We provide conscious sedationduring which you will feel relaxed  [ND1] and experience none of the anxiety or discomfort of being in the chair without pain deterrents


About Asmile


You can find our Massey dentist in the Westgate shopping centre. You will find a comfortable, sanitised environment where you will feel safe and welcome as you wait for your appointment. Contact us to make your appointment for basic dentistry or a cosmetic procedure.

 [ND1]It is a consious sedation , pt is not going completely asleep

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