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We Are Your Dentist Near Henderson


There are very few things that are as uncomfortable as a sore tooth. It can ruin a dinner date and change one’s mood. Grandmother’s home remedies might bring temporary relief, but eventually, it becomes necessary to visit the dentist near Henderson for an examination to determine the cause of the pain.


What You Should Know About Asmile Dentist near Henderson


Dentistry is not just about pulling teeth and gold fillings anymore. A wide range of teeth-related services, all offered at our surgery in the Westgate Dental Centre, are available, including:


  • Crowns. A tooth may become damaged by cracking, fracturing or decay, but the roots remain healthy enough. A crown is a possible solution, as opposed to pulling the tooth, and is in its simplest form, basically a cap or cover placed over the prepared tooth and protects it from further damage. It can also be necessitated by the fitting of a bridge. Materials used range from gold and metal alloys to ceramic and porcelain fused with metal. It is a lasting solution, provided you observe good dental care and hygiene.

  • Bridges. The gap left by a pulled tooth can sometimes be inconvenient when chewing food. A bridge is a false tooth that is placed in the hole and is attached permanently to the two teeth on either side of it. We will decide what material to use for the tooth based on the location and function of the tooth, aesthetic considerations, and cost. Sometimes the crowning of the supporting teeth will be necessary.

  • Veneers. A solution for the thinning or cracking of teeth enamel of an otherwise healthy tooth, are veneers. Just as the term implies, these are thin shells of porcelain glued onto the front surface of the incisors and canines. The porcelain is extremely resistant to staining and, when cared for, will last for six to 12 years before requiring any touch-up work.


Prepare for Your Visit to Asmile


A little preparation goes a long way to ensure success, and a visit to the local dentist should not be any different. Here are some basic tips for your next successful visit to the dentist:


  • Anaesthesia. Numbing the gums or cheeks is often necessary, and it is always advisable to consider this a possibility even when booking a routine check-up. The effects of the anaesthesia can last several hours, so do not plan on making any important speeches or going to dinner on the day of your appointment.

  • Stop sign. Someone working inside your mouth can be uncomfortable, so arrange with the dentist on a hand sign that will signal it is time for a bit of breather on your part. This break is also an opportunity for asking the dentist to explain what work they are doing on you now.

  • Brush and floss. We all do this before going to the dentist. We recommend discussing any recommendations on toothpaste and floss for your teeth, as the dentist can provide knowledgeable advice.


Asmile is a modern dentistry practice near Henderson and offers patients comprehensive solutions for the health of their teeth. Book an appointment or contact us if you have any questions.

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