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Kumeu Dentist


Our Kumeu Dentist Offers a Comprehensive, Holistic Approach and Caring Service


New individuals visit our Kumeu dentist regularly because our patients frequently tell their family, friends, and acquaintances about us. Make an appointment if you live in Hobsonville, Hobsonville Point, Massey, Huapai, Riverhead, Rodney, West Harbour, or anywhere in West or North Auckland.


How Much Do You Know About Our Kumeu Dentist?


We have more than 30 years of experience and offer the entire dentistry range, from preventive and restorative services to general treatments, clean and polish, cosmetics, implants, orthodontics, dentures, and oral surgery.


  • You likely already know that you should undergo a dental check-up every six months to prevent gum disease and other problems from becoming painful or worsening over time.

  • You will complete a medical history questionnaire at your first appointment. Information that we ask for includes the medications that you are on and any previous illnesses or operations. Please inform us before future consultations if your health condition changes.

  • Your dentist or dental assistant will discuss the reasons for your visit and any concerns that you may have before the dentist performs a visual gum and teeth check, noting fillings, missing teeth, and existing holes. Our digital X-rays immediately show images on a computer screen that help us to identify any issues around the foundations or under the surface in your mouth.

  • We diagnose problems, confer with you, answer questions, and give you an idea of the estimated cost and number of additional appointments that you may need.

  • Regular teeth cleaning by our hygienist assists with removing calcium deposits or tartar that may cause inflammation and will help your mouth to stay clean, fresh, healthy, and attractive.


We can perform all the treatments that you may require, including sensitivity reduction, white fillings, extractions, and root canal therapy.


The Benefits of Our Kumeu Dentist


We may use painless laser dental treatment for problems such as periodontal (gum) disease, ulcers, and the reshaping or removing of gum and soft tissue for aesthetic reasons or concerns that affect the structures that support and surround your teeth.


  • We provide several cosmetic smile makeover procedures, including teeth whitening, veneers, dentures, dental bridges, crowns, implants, and anti-wrinkle treatments for crow’s feet and frown lines.

  • Talk to us if you suffer from masseter muscle problems. When this powerful mastication muscle contracts, it can cause teeth grinding to become very painful, preventing restful sleep.

  • We offer FDA-approved Dysport® and Xeomin® medical-use treatments to relax the muscle, reduce excessive sweating, and remedy a gummy smile, all without affecting the movement of untreated muscles or your ability to feel sensations.


We provide sedation therapy to help relieve anxiety and relax you during dental procedures. Ask about available sedation levels that may make your visit more comfortable.


About Asmile


High school students are eligible for free dental care and a 15 percent discount for three years following their 18th birthday if they enrol with Westgate Dental Centre in West Auckland.


Contact us to ask questions or make an appointment.

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