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Dentist made and clinically proven


Dr Hisham’s Vital Mints are the World's 1st Bio-mineral supplement for your mouth and teeth.  


  • 100% natural.
  • A unique blend of alkaline bio-minerals and plant fibres that are proven to prebiotically promote balance in the mouth’s ecosystem.
  • Helps with fresh breath and removal of stains


Daily use helps you banish bad breath and helps prevent bad bacteria growth. Combining with cleaning your teeth and gums twice daily with the Vital Teeth Serum and Alkaline Mouth Rinse will help you keep your smile safe and healthy.

Naturally stimulates and enhances protective saliva (reduces dry mouth), neutralises acids that can dissolve your teeth and gently removes stains, for a gleaming white smile and fresh breath that lasts.

Safe food-grade plant fibres and vital salivary bio-minerals for your health, because a healthy life starts with a healthy smile.

Handmade in New Zealand with love. 3 tins of 40 tabs (120 mints per box).

100% Recyclable packaging. 


Dr Hisham's prodcts are exclusively made for you in New Zealand, from products that are 100% pure, eco-friendly and formulated to support whole-body wellbeing.

Dr Hisham's products have the Highest concentration of Xylitol compared to any dental product in the world that 'contain' Xylitol, and we only use non GMO Finnish Birchwood Xylitol.

Guaranteed Safe from nasties! For best results, use the complete Ozospa Oral Care System daily.

INGREDIENTS: Finnish Birch Xylitol, Calcium Glyerophosphate, Betaine, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silicified Microcrystalline Cellulose, Menthol, TotarolTM*, Mentha Piperita.
* Certified Organic Ingredients.

:Dr Hisham's (Ozospa) Chew & Go Tabs/ Mints

  • 3 Tins x 40 Tablets (120 pieces)

    A Lifestyle choice of clean confidence and health. Don't give in, balance back!

    After your next hit of food or drink of any kind, other than water, don't reach for Sugar/ Aspartame/ Saccharin and preservative laden mints or chewing gum! Reach out for the better option: Dental Vita.Mints. 

    They Freshen your Breath naturally, Clean your mouth (yes YOU WILL FEEL IT) and Alkalize your saliva to inactivate the effects of the acids/sugars consumed. This will bring your mouth back to Natural Healthy Balance.

    They will help you if you want to Banish Bad Breath, Avoid Sensitive Teeth (mostly due to erosion), reduce your risk for tooth decay (teeth cannot dissolve in an alkaline environment), inactivate Bad Biofilm Bacteria that ferment sugars to produce acids to cause us decay and others that cause gum inflammation.

    They not only reset the balance in your oral biofilm, but also stimulate and saturate your saliva with natrual healthy minerals like Calcium and Bicarbonate. These suckable menthols are awesome and safe for everyone including children, elderly and diabetics (high Xylitol - no sugars or nasties).

    They're ideal for you if you have low saliva flow / dry mouth conditions, bad breath, sensitive teeth or high risk of decay. This may specifically include people who are on the run, stressed, possibly dehydrated, on medications, frequent Caffeine users, Alcohol drinkers, smokers and Sjorgen Syndrome or post head radiation sufferers.  Don't give in, BALANCE BACK.

    Simply dissolve 1-2 tabs in your mouth slowly, 3-5 times a day, after each snack/ meal/ drink to keep your mouth Clean, Fresh and pH Neutral. 

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