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  • Each capsule contains 72mg of pure New Zealand propolis providing 70mg of of bioactives per 2 capsules.
  • With Zinc and Selenium for added immune support
  • Easy to swallow soft Gel Capsules

  • With Flaxseed Oil

  • 500 caps


Helena Health shows with its Pro-CAPE 30+ a guarantee:

  • ​Its propolis is 100% sourced from New Zealand
  • Pure Propolis used in this product is Tested & Certified to contain between 500-550 mg of bioactives per 1 g PLUS a  minimum of 30mg/10g of CAPE.
  • Its propolis is sourced from a pristine environment free of pollution
  • Only New Zealand propolis is rich in CAPE - one of the key compounds responsible for propolis’s health properties.


Helena Health’s Pro-CAPE30+ Propolis Capsules contain 100% premium New Zealand propolis.
Scientists have shown flavonoids, caffeic acids and esters such as Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE) in propolis are responsible for its defensive properties, providing strong antioxidant protection and supporting the balance of the immune system.


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New Zealand Propolis Soft Gel Capsules Pro-CAPE30+ (500caps)

  • (per 2 capsules): 
    Pro-CAPE™30+ New Zealand Propolis (144mg), Zinc Gluconate (Equiv. to Zinc 12mg), Selenium Yeast 55mg (Equiv. to Selenium 55 mcg), d-alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E). 

    Encapsulating Aids: Flaxseed Oil,  Gelatin, Glycerine, Purified Water, Tri-calcium Phosphate, Beeswax, Lecithin, Silica, Brown HT

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