The Unique - patent pending - formulation safely kills, unsticks and inhibits bad bacteria & fungus (Sodium Chlorite, Xylitol, Bicarbonate and Totarol.)

Our special Totarol natural ingredient comes from a very unique NZ ancient tree - the TOTARA tree.

It is what the iconic Maori Waka (Canoes) were made out of and for the very first time effectively included in a dental product.

Totarol inhibits the growth of fungus and bad bacteria in the mouth and body, while being totally SAFE.

Ozospa Your Complete Oral Care System

  • The synergized and integrated natural ingredients in our Ozospa Oral Care System, stimulate, enhance and mimick your healthy Saliva to keep you dynamically balancing (i.e. re-setting to Healthy harmony).

    The genius in the design of the System is as easy to use daily as 1,2,3.

    They promote balanced pH in your saliva by introducing CONCENTRATED ALKALINE buffers, salts and minerals (Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Glycerophosphate & Zinc Citrate), stimulate saliva flow (due to Xylitol and Betaine).

    Finally we have a REAL SOLUTION to old problems that plague the majority of humanity.



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