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What is your body telling you? Are you responding?

Stop for a moment and observe what emotions became our neighbours and frequent guests in the last few months? For many it would be stress, anxiety and repeated worries.

It is not a secret for many that stress drains our immune system exhausting its levels.

But how exactly stress and low immunity affect out oral health and most importantly how you can effectively recover?

Read below, act today and remember grey stripes are temporary – your health is with you forever.

  • Cortisol is a stress hormone released by our body. High levels of this hormone can lead to periodontal inflammation (gums and soft tissues). Pain, gum bleeding and unpleasant smell are the symptoms of periodontal problems.

  • Teeth grinding, clenching and bruxism. When stressed we tend to clinch and grind our teeth, especially at night, damaging the protective enamel layer.

  • Dry mouth can be a side effect of some antidepressants. Dry mouth will dehydrate enamel preventing the absorption of key minerals from saliva.

  • Cold sores and Ulcers also tend to re-appear when our body is under stress and when immune system is down.

  • Irregular and bad diet due to stress. Munches while working from home, irregular snacks and stress eating - all these upsets our pH balance and result in cavities.

  • Disturbed daily routine. Falling asleep on a couch after a snack. Working from home in bed and PJs, forgetting to brush your teeth – result: more plaque, more cavities and periodontal issues.

If you stayed true to your diet and eating habits, good on you! If the above is somewhat true for you, don’t stress further we have some great advice for you below.

Bad hygiene and possibility of cavities – Start flossing and brushing twice a day from today. Increase the time between meals and drinks (even water) to at least 4 hours. Try not to sip water throughout the day, instead have a glass of water every 3 hours.

You can also try GC Tooth mousse product that will strengthen your enamel and would even help to reverse early decays. This product is backed up by extensive research and clinical studies so we stand strong by it.

Periodontal problems – scale and polish procedure with dental hygienist will help to revamp your gums and remove plaque.

Grinding, clenching and bruxism – there are a number of ways to help starting from protective mouthguards to muscle relaxant procedures. Call us today to discuss what is right for you.

Dry mouth symptoms can be reduced with GC Dry Mouth Gel product

Cold sores and Ulcers – light energy laser treatment at the first signs (tingling sensation) will help to prevent the break out and treat that spot for good. If you already have a full blown sore the treatment will take away the discomfort and help it to heal much faster.

And finally relax. This too shall pass. Make yourself a cup of herbal tea, try yoga or meditation, go for a walk at the park and listen to the sound of dry leaves whooshing under your feet, play your favourite tunes and sing along, out loud, very loud, even louder.Do it today. The change comes from within. Back soon.

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